ColorSparx Fun Kit

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Have you wanted to try ColorSparx but didn't know where to start? This Fun Kit will get you going!  Just add water and some imagination!  

Each kit includes:

1 pack 8.5"x11" watercolor paper (4 sheets)

1 pack ColorSparx 

1 Trigger Spray Bottle 

Available in 6 color combinations

Poolside (Cerulean Blue, Lime Green, Chartruese)

Sun Splash (Scarlet, Marigold, Gamboge)

Desert Ranch (Crimson, Orange, Sepia)

Alpine (Turquoise,  Terre Verte, Wisteria) 

Berry Punch (Merlot, Fuchsia, Orchid)

Grassland (Olive Green, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Orange)

ColorSparx is an amazing watercolor paint, but in powdered form! The colors are vibrant and intense!  Simply spritz and sprinkle to create beautiful watercolor backgrounds, or mix with water and use like watercolor paints! You'll find all kinds of inspiring way to ColorSparx!