"Gotta Have it All" 6x6 Big Bundle of Stencils

Regular price $80.19

Sometimes, you just gotta have it all! 

That's how I feel about the January releases from The Crafter's Workshop! 

Each stencil is a work of art!  So, for the first time ever, I've created a big bundle of all the 6x6 new release stencils for one price! And, if you get the Big Bundle, you'll save a little bit!  This collection normally retails for over $80, for a limited time, I'm offering it here for $69.93! So, order now before it's too late.

Seriously, this collection offers something for every season of the year and for all your creative moods.  Hearts for Valentine's day, Stars for July 4th and, and for the superstars in your life, vines and flowers, even snowflakes! 

Sometimes, you just gotta have it all!

6x6 Stencil Connected Hearts
6x6 Stencil Tangled Flora
6x6 Stencil Calm Waves
6x6 Stencil Leafy Vines
6x6 Stencil Starry Stars
6x6 Stencil Birch Trees
6x6 Stencil Pebble Grid
6x6 Stencil Big Spools
6x6 Stencil Bubble Scribble
6x6 Stencil Handcut Net
6x6 Stencil Snowflake Sparkles

I can't wait to start working with these new stencils.  Over the next few weeks, I'll be showing projects and demonstrating techniques using this group of stencils at my Facebook page, Ken Oliver Crafts.

Order now because this deal won't last forever!