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I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for supporting me at Ken Oliver Crafts.  It makes me so very happy that you're taking classes, finding inspiration and encouragement by watching my videos.  I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. 

And, things keep getting more expensive.  The costs associated with being online, funding a studio, keeping the lights on, and surviving have increased so much over the past few months. 

I would love to continue to bring great content, inspiration, motivation, and positive energy to you, but I need a little help sometimes to make it happen.  I didn't really want to set up a "Patreon" account, or "buy me a coffee account" it seems like so many artists and creators are going that route.  And, I am a little shy about putting this out there, but at times, I need a few angels to help me meet the expenses of keeping the content flowing. 

If you've watched my videos in the past, appreciated them, found inspiration there, and you've like to see more in the future, please consider helping me fund the content.  I've set up 3 levels of support:

Friend Level $9.99

Angel Level $19.99

Super Star Level $39.99