PRIME Mystery Bundle "Extra"

Sale price $59.99 Regular price $65.99

Here's a special bundle that you will love!  It's PRIME Day, and I'd love to give something back to you!

This a "mystery" bundle of stencils is value priced, so order one for yourself and one for a friend! 

This PRIME "grab bag" is guaranteed to include at least 10 stencils (maybe more)

The PRIME Mystery Bundle "Extra" will include:

2 12x12 Stencils

1 16x6 Stencil

2 6x6 Stencils

1 4x9 Stencil

2 6x9 Stencils

2 3x4 Stencils

This is such a fun surprise bundle!  Order now, as this special won't last for ever! 

While supplies last!