Stick It Adhesive, Card Makers Bundle, 15 Sheets

Stick It Adhesive, Card Makers Bundle, 15 Sheets

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Stick It Adhesive

Card Makers Bundle 15 Sheets

You will love using the Large Double-sided Die Cut Adhesive Sheets by Stick It! This adhesive product makes it easy to apply adhesive to intricate shapes when using manual and electronic die-cutting machines. Stick It is thin enough to sandwich between two sheets of cardstock and run it through the normal way and is pliable enough to match the contours of your intricate die-cut shapes. Stick It also provides the perfect surface for glitters etc. The adhesive is acid-free, water-based and is formulated to remain repositionable for a period and eventually become permanent. There is also a peel area for an easy way to remove the backing paper. This product is made from sustainable FSC paper and is recyclable. Included in the package are five double-sided adhesive sheets that measure approximately 8" x 12 1/4"